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Circus were approached by Immedis with the challenge to design a new website that would showcase Immedis as a cutting edge business intelligence platform. It was a significant website transformational project that required a complete overhaul of the site and a fresh new look to the brand. See the live site  

  • Discovery
  • UX/UI
  • Illustration
  • Development
  • CMS Integration

Circus worked closely with the Immedis marketing team to establish precise requirements for redevelopment of the website. A discovery process was implemented which included workshops and customer research to analyse the company products, solutions, vision and strategy for the new site and to ensure the final specification was mastered and tailored for their customers’ needs.

A User Experience (UX) research approach was adopted to design the new site. An advanced prototype process was deployed and shared, allowing Immedis to preview the designed structures of wireframing through to UI designs and ensuring usability was consistent on all platforms: desktop, tablet and mobile.

Innovative charts were designed and animated to showcase the financial services and support Immedis have created for their customers.

Iconology and Illustration

Circus designed a series of intricate illustrations and iconology to represent the delivery of products technology and services provided by Immedis. The correct balance of speed, animation flows were ascertained during the development phase. We Implemented multilevel caching system for best user performance.

This ensured that all pages and features were fully optimised for speed and for SEO resulting in a secure powerful platform processing the running of the site. We also ensured all marketing platforms and components to be fully integrated globally to maximise conversions and increase sales.

Richard and the team at Circus have been instrumental in evolving the Immedis brand and delivering a high converting website to fill our sales pipeline with qualified leads.

The process began with a discovery workshop involving key internal stakeholders to define business requirements and the needs of our target market before any design or development work began.
Richard is unique in having a solid commercial understanding of business goals, while converting complex technical information into easy to understand design concepts that bring ideas to life.

Circus are 100% part of the Immedis commercial team and are a huge asset to us driving our ambitious international plans for growth.

Patricia Butler
Global Marketing Director, Immedis