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We love to work with educational bodies, and were delighted to be awarded the opportunity to design the new brand for the Digital Skills in Action Programme. It focuses on the evolving digital skills framework and training resources to inform and support the activities of students.

  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Iconology
  • Displays

Our team worked with the DSIA stakeholders to identify the teaching and learning skills the new brand was to exemplify.

Identifiable digital symbols were designed to highlight the platforms the programme represents. Linear illustrations and strong use of colours were integrated to the brand, making it instantly recognisable on all digital platforms.

Secondary design elements and textures were created to evolve and energise the brand. Display units, poster campaigns and various online media formats were developed alongside the brand.

The DSIA collaborative project had a number of key stakeholders, Circus were able to provide a series of alternative designs based on the criteria and ably responded to changes and new directions.

A key reason to recommend Circus is their availability and flexibility – able to respond to design changes, amendments and additional requests.

Circus provide a fully immersive service from digital to print, web to poster, slide design to bookmark.

David Jennings
UCD Teaching and Learning